Mental & Life Skills

Mental skills are tools for the mind to achieve personal well-being and, as an athlete, perform at an optimal level. Mental skills can be worked on via thoughts (eg. imagery) or bodies (eg. breathing). In either case, mental skills enable the regulation of thoughts, feelings and actions, which is key to staying focused, managing emotions or building confidence, for example. Mental skills have been associated with higher levels of psychological and training performance (Brassington and Adam, 2003; Daw and Burton, 1994; Greenleaf et al., 2001; Jensen et al., 2020; Magnusson and Van Roon, 2013; Sheard and Golby, 2006; Terry et al., 1996).

Life skills describe the set of abilities that enable us to handle demands of daily life. It allows to to maintain well-being and remain in a positive behavior when interacting with others and the environment.

Mental and life skills training can include working on the following: 


Managing emotions (eg. anxiety, stress)



Constructive evaluation

Goal-setting & planning

Life-sport balance


Dealing with injuries

Transitions (competitive sports)